We offer advice and solutions for all your company’s pension and provident fund needs, whether you’re looking to set up a new fund or wanting to reduce the costs on your current fund. The administration of these funds is handled by us and includes both the investment and risk cover components.

Buy and sell agreements: if you are in a business with a partner, speak to us about the cover you need to ensure that your business can still continue, in the event of the loss of your business partner, through the use of a buy-and-sell agreement. This often overlooked segment of business continuity planning can be the difference between a thriving business, or complete devastation if your business encounters such a loss.

Overhead expense benefit: If you own your own business, speak to us about insuring the costs of running your business, as this falls outside of general income disability cover, and if these costs are not insured you may find your portfolio with a large shortfall of cover that will not be met by your personal disability insurance

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